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{January 12, 2010}   Alter Ego Photo Contest

Intimate photographs make the perfect

Valentine’s Day gift.

The “alter ego” sessions are an inspiration from
the “Housewives of Atlanta” TV program
and photographer Derek Blanks.

Come with your own ideas or let’s brainstorm together.

I have 100’s of outfits and costumes to select from.

We are giving away a free session AND album to the best “alter ego” idea.

Email the studio with the two “sides of you” to create in a

photograph and your idea could be chosen for  the free session.

“No strings attached”…you won’t be asked to make a purchase. *

$570 Value
Includes Session fee $60
Album 14- 4×6 portraits $350
“Alter Ego” production fee  $75
Retouching $85

*Add make up and hairstyling $60

“How revealing do I have to be at my photo session?”

is a common question from clients. Some women know

right away, that they want to go all the way with nudes or

semi-nudes.Or they love the silhouette poses and know

that’s as much nudity as they feel comfortable with.

My clients tell me they are much more relaxed with me,

being a female photographer, and can be more open to trying more sensuous poses.

They are sure their guy would like to see more of their body, but

they are reluctant because they aren’t sure if they will look good.

That’s where good lighting, strategic posing, the perfect wardrobe,

and Photoshop play a big role.

At your pre-session consultation we can discuss the poses

you feel most comfortable with.  However, how revealing

or conservative you want to be is up to you.



Yes, they definitely do! If you have nice full, long lashes,

no need to add more.  But if yours are not thick, false

eyelashes are just what you need to create a look that will

make your eyes “pop” in the photographs and add depth

and drama to your photographs. I have a supply at my studio

that clients can purchases for $10.  It’s a great deal because the

glue alone is usually that much. My make up artists are trained

to apply them correctly.  If you are not having our make up

artist do your make up at the studio you will want to come to

ready to begin your session with the eyelashes already applied.


Wardrobe selections

We have various sizes from 3 to 2X. However, if you wear an

unusual bra size (over DD), we recommend that you bring it along.

Many of our outfits are bra and panty sets so if you are a size 32A bra

and wear size 14 pants, we can accommodate your figure style

by “mixing and matching” the bras and panties.

If you feel more comfortable wearing your own clothing, please feel

free to do so. Our shoes range from size 5-11.  If in doubt, please

call the studio for more information.


Leggs with panty hose

I provide my clients with a special brand of panty hose that they wear under their lingerie.  Even with the skimpiest outfits we can hide the small band around the  waist and the thin seam in front.  They aren’t shiny so there is no glare either.  My younger, thinner clients can go without the panty hose, but even the slimmest figures may have a bruise they need to hide.  Of course, you can’t wear them with nude photographs, but that’s where retouching comes in.  Once you book your appointment with my studio that secret is revealed.


Meleah Nelson-make up artist

Meleah Nelson-make up artist

Do you really need professional make up to have a successful photo session?

“Makeup can transform your face. When applied properly, it can take 5 years off. Applied improperly, it can add 10!” observes my studio’s make up artist, Meleah.

At Intimate Photography, we offer professional make up artist/hairstylist as an optional service to our clients.

Many clients feel they can do their own make up, like they do every morning, but is often too little coverage and it really doesn’t create the drama needed for a photography shoot. Some clients figure “more is better” so they go to the make up counter at a department store and have a “make over” from someone who isn’t familiar with make up for photography.

Most people want the “natural look,” and chances are, you need the experience and expertise of a professional studio make up artist to accentuate your best features. That’s why Meleah has been part of my team since I started my business 15 years ago.

“I have worked with models, actors, and professional men and women, helping them find their best features,” said Meleah. “I don’t have a magic wand, but people say my brushes perform miracles.”

Photography makeup is very different from everyday makeup. It uses shadows and highlights to bring out your best features and provide subtle camouflage. Using matte products for photography, you can hide a multitude of flaws (or years) and avoid ‘grease shine’.

“Make up artistry is a special skill combining talent with technical expertise. I have a special gift for bringing out your hidden assets and making you look your best.”

Barbara Steinberg

Barbara Steinberg

Many women that call my studio, Intimate Photography, are concerned that they are not at their goal weight and wonder how their photographs will look.  They want to look beautiful and sexy.

The first thing I tell them is that we can minimize the features they don’t feel comfortable with, and highlight the features they like about their shape.  Most women have a feature that their guy loves about them.  Sometimes it’s their legs,  back, or the definition in their arms. After all, the photographs are for him.

With the correct lighting, wardrobe selection and posing, any woman can look sensual.  I’ve been photographing women for many years and find that women are their worst critics. I get emails and letters from husbands and boyfriends thanking me for bringing out the best in their women.

And…don’t forget ladies…there’s always retouching!                                                                                                                                      Barbara Steinberg, Photographer                                                                                                                                                                     

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